Base 2 Capital is a Melbourne based Venture Capital fund group. Our investment process is efficient, disciplined and transparent. We carefully select the investors that join us in our journey to ensure our focus is on what can go right and, not what can go wrong.

We as a company keep an open mind and are always keen to understand why you can business can become an important company that transform its chosen market.

Our best service is situating our expertise to an entrepreneurs requirements and catering to their individual needs whether that may be to hire, grow or raise. Our partnership approach to investment, rooted in respect, mutual interest and understanding, to deliver liquidity solutions that are vital, transformative, and move our partners forward.

Our Team
With a team of experienced and motivated individuals, we have the skillset and knowledge to work together to achieve great results.

Base 2 Capital the key to success it to have the ability to be innovate and adapt to change. We believe by building a business model that promotes higher levels of innovations, it will lead to more a long-term competitive edge especially for smaller companies.

We believe in the importance of efficiency in companies where they can demonstrate their ability to deliver the same results with minimum costs. Companies that can showcase this quality should be rewarded as they can deliver with a lower cost capital.

Base2capital looks for the potential of smaller companies with the ability to grow. We do not limit ourselves just because the company is small in size, we see the bigger picture and their potential development in the coming years.

Base2capital understand the importance in having a diversified outlook on what industry to invest in. We want to identify the gaps in the moving market and take advantage of any opportunities that may present itself. We believe untapped markets can be the key to greater investment returns.

Financing Support
With a network of businesses we have collaborated with in the past, we have the ability to provide you with the relevant support to achieve your financial goals and execute your strategic plan.